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Project Description
A Windows 8 RSS App "kit" that allows you to build a fixed-list RSS reader with auto-image-detection in feeds.

What does the app do:
Windows 8 RSS App Kit is a Windows 8 app which shows blog content by reading one or more RSS feeds. This reader app combines multiple RSS feeds and shows them in a gridview. The feeds are predefined in the resource files of the project. The loading of the content occurs asynchronously right after starting the app. 


After tapping one article the app shows the content in a browser view control formatted by a two column CSS. The integrated image detection chooses the first big picture and uses this as article teaser in the grid view. If no usable picture is found within the content, a predefined standard image is used.



Windows 8 Features:
The app contains typical Windows 8 features and supports device-turning, multiple screen resolutions and snapped views as well as computer states. Articles can be shared with the Windows sharing function.

About the code:
This source code is written in C# and XAML and uses the Visual Studio Grid Layout templates.


  • Windows 8
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • some RSS-feeds...
  • fun to play with this Windows 8 RSS App Kit

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